Pokemon Go bug causes game to freeze when using certain avatar poses

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A Pokemon Go bug is making its rounds in the community as players notice the game freezing when they change avatar poses.

There are many reasons players love Pokemon Go, from its accessibility to the incentive it provides for trainers to explore the real outdoors to catch new Pokemon. The community itself plays a large role in players’ adoration for the mobile game, as they can share rare finds with others.

As is the case with all large video game communities, however, not all shared communication is in regard to something positive about the game in question. Pokemon Go players frequently discuss issues they have with the game, including various bugs and glitches.

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One Pokemon Go bug that has been making its rounds across social media within the community has to do with avatar posing. Players are expressing their annoyance with the bug, which causes the game to freeze upon the use of avatar poses.

Pokemon Go bug causes freezing while using avatar poses

Not all bugs within Pokemon Go have to do with catching the actual Pokemon themselves. Players have taken to a Reddit post to discuss a freezing issue that they have discovered, which involves the use of avatar poses.

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It seems that affected trainers experience an abrupt game freeze, regardless of the device hosting Pokemon Go, as soon as they try to use an avatar pose. The issue seems common enough to have sparked various replies expressing sympathy for the freezing bug.

Niantic has responded officially to a player sharing the problem on Twitter, stating that the company is aware of screen freeze encountered during “some gameplay activities.” Their advice to players is to simply “change your Avatar to the default pose to see if it helps” until they fix the bug.

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Understandably, Pokemon Go fans are not happy with the freezing bug, nor are they happy with Niantic’s response. One fan replied on the Reddit thread by saying, “Some of these poses are paid poses. This has been going on for over a month now, and it’s not acceptable.”

Another chimed in, asking, “Yeah, how are they just now noticing?” A player retorted sarcastically, “No one at Niantic plays the game, so when they boot up their own dev accounts (rarely), they all have default pose, probably.”

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It seems that the Pokemon Go community is yet again upset with Niantic for the development team’s lack of consideration when it comes to game-breaking bugs. This issue comes in the midst of others, such as the company’s offered salary for a job and a Bundle Box price blunder.

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