Pokemon Go players confused as Bundle Boxes sell same items for different prices

Bundle Box from Pokemon GoNiantic, Inc.

Pokemon Go players have found themselves wondering why Niantic priced the same Bundle Boxes at different prices.

When it comes to globally renowned games like Pokemon Go, players of all backgrounds tend to unite under their love for the experience. With its charming creature collecting and real-world elements, it’s not surprising that the game is so dear to many players’ hearts.

The company behind the game, however, has a vastly different reputation with the gaming community. Niantic has been under fire before for everything relating to bugs and fair pay. As is the case with many big gaming titles, Pokemon Go’s development has faced its fair share of criticism.

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Fans have now brought yet another possible blunder by Niantic to light after finding Bundle Boxes containing the same items selling for different prices in-game.

Pokemon Go players confused by Bundle Box prices

One Pokemon Go player took to Reddit to post about the strange blunder, showcasing two Bundle Boxes containing the same items while selling at different places. Other fans quickly responded to the original screenshots, equally as confused on the matter.

Many players commented on the post, expressing no surprise at Niantic’s supposed mistake, as the company is well-known for its mix-ups. One person wrote sarcastically, “Niantic? Mess up? Whaaaattt?” Others replied, stating that there was no way it was a mistake at this point.

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One person wrote, “It has to be on purpose at this point,” in response to a commenter stating that the situation comes across as though “Niantic is just screwing with players, honestly.” There were also many fans taking the opportunity to joke around.

“Wrapping paper is expensive,” read one comment left by a Pokemon Go player in a humorous effort to explain the strange price difference. Another said, “ChatGPT, please create the crappiest boxes possible.”

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While no real answer has come up to explain why the Bundle Boxes are going for different prices when they contain the same items, most people seem to agree that it is some form of A/B testing on Niantic’s end.

This type of testing involves comparing two variations of one thing to see a user’s response. It is possible that Niantic is seeing which Bundle Box ends up more popular, despite the price difference for the same output. Regardless, players are not happy with the method, intentional or not.

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