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Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Sinnoh secret event revealed by dataminers

Published: 25/May/2020 11:08

by David Purcell


Pokemon Diamond and Pearl’s story, as well as the ending of the 2006 games, is known now by much of the community – but one data miner has discovered an unreleased event that might have taken things in another direction. 

‘Interest’ is the emotion that fans will probably associate with leaks in general, but with the games some 14 years old now, it’s shocking to see new details being found at this stage of their lives. After all, leakers and data miners have had years to sieve through the content.

Cyrus, from Sunyshore City in the Sinnoh region, was introduced to players during Diamond and Pearl. The mysterious figure is the only to have taken trainer classes and aims to create a world without spirit – at least that’s what we knew about him. However, a new data mined segment shows us a bit more of the Team Galactic boss.

Pokemon / Nintendo
Maybe Game Freak had something different in mind for Cyrus in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl that we never got to see.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl lost Cyrus scene

Two Twitter users, shinyhunter_map and RETIREglitch have uncovered a moment from the game’s internal files that never made the final cut, meaning that trainers have never seen it before. As seen in the tweet below, fans are delighted to still be finding new information in regards to the popular games – and this scene that’s never seen the light of day before has proven to be a real hit in the community.

Cyrus came back in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as a part of Team Rainbow Rocket, and hasn’t been seen since in the video game series. In the clip, the boss appears in Floaroma Town out of nowhere and starts talking to the player, before rushing off.

Of course, players will be wondering whether or not this unreleased event might have changed the course of the game’s story, even if solely for Cyrus. So, let’s take a look through his dialogue and see if there are any clues.

He says: “Ah, you have a Poketch? You will find it indispensable. Science will become increasingly necessary in the world of Pokemon.

“My name is Cyrus. I am but another human seeking to become Sinnoh’s greatest trainer. If you’re also a trainer, then do your best to gain power. Be all that you can become.”

Well, pretty much more of what we already know about the character in all honesty, but his appearance in this town might have had a connection to other parts of the story – snippets we also never got the chance to play through. Cyrus might have had a much different role to play, but guess we’ll never really know unless he returns in the Galar Region at some stage.


Pokemon player brings Diamond & Pearl to Super Mario Galaxy with epic mod

Published: 18/Nov/2020 0:53

by Brent Koepp


A talented artist wowed the Pokemon community when they recreated Diamond & Pearl in Super Mario Galaxy. The epic crossover reimagines the Sinnoh region like never before and is truly out of this world.

The Pokemon franchise entered its fourth generation with the debut of Diamond & Pearl in 2007. The RPG introduced players to the Sinnoh Region for the very first time.

Despite releasing over a decade ago, the Nintendo DS title is loved by the community. One fan celebrated the game by remaking it in HD using Super Mario Galaxy.

Screenshot of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl mod in Super Mario Galaxy.
YouTube: RiazorMC / Game Freak
A Pokemon fan recreated Diamond & Pearl in Super Mario Galaxy.

Pokemon fan brings Diamond & Pearl to Super Mario Galaxy

Over the last three years, Pokemon fans have desperately been wanting Game Freak to remake the Gen IV RPG. A creative fan took things into their own hands and reimagined the DS title using mods in Super Mario Galaxy.

Popular modder ‘RiazorMC’ shared their mind-blowing creation on their YouTube channel. The November 14 video shows Nintendo’s lovable Italian plumber mascot exploring and running around an HD version of Diamond & Pearl’s region.

Incredibly, the artist has basically recreated the entire Sinnoh region. From Twinleaf Town to Route 223, Mario dashes across the Gen IV map until reaching the Pokemon League to claim their star for becoming Champion.

Impressively, Riazor has faithfully kept the DS title’s retro graphics while turning it into an HD landscape. Not only does the mod faithfully capture iconic locations, but Mario is even able to walk through caves and swim up waterfalls.

As the community continue to wait desperately for Game Freak to re-make Diamond & Pearl, we have mods like this to give us a taste of what it could be like to one day revisit Sinnoh on the Nintendo Switch.

In 2021, Pokemon is set to celebrate its 25th anniversary. While nothing has been announced yet by the Japanese developer, fans are still holding out hope that we will possibly get a remake of the beloved DS release.