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Pokemon community celebrates the 24th anniversary of Red & Green

Published: 27/Feb/2020 0:54

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon fans from around the world are celebrating the much beloved RPG’s 24th anniversary. Here are some of the best ways trainers have shown their love for the Nintendo franchise. 

The gaming industry as we knew it changed on February 27th, 1996 when Pokemon released for the first time on the Game Boy. While the West would have to wait close to two years later to play it for the first time, the RPG took Japan by storm.

Nintendo’s beloved series has gone on to become an entertainment juggernaut with cards, merchandise, and movies making it the most profitable franchise of all time. Here is how players are celebrating its 24th anniversary.


Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The worldwide phenomena first launched in 1996 and is celebrating its 24th anniversary in 2020.

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While most in the West know the first games by Red & Blue, Japan got the groundbreaking titles a couple of years before and were called Red & Green instead. Although they would later get Blue as a special edition.

The pivotal game set the world on fire, and got millions of kids around the globe hooked on its ‘Catch ’em All’ mechanics. For many, a new generation was introduced to RPGs for the first time.

Wildly popular Pokemon site Serebii.net celebrated the anniversary on Twitter, wishing the Nintendo title a happy birthday. “It is now February 27th in Japan. On this day, 24 years ago, Pokemon Red & Green were released and the franchise began,” they tweeted.


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Over on Reddit, fans of the series dug up original trading cards that were sold in Japan in 1997. All 151 Pokemon from Red & Green were represented alongside their iconic move from the game. The throwback photo gives fans a look at some of their oldest designs. Bulbapedia has all of them here.

Twitter: @DrLavaYT
In 1997, Japan got exclusive trading cards for all 151 original Pokemon.

Fans took to Twitter to celebrate the monumental occasion, where many recalled memories of the series impacting their childhood such as user ‘CasperTotodile’ who stated, “Pokemon means a lot to me as it’s been a big part of my life. It helped me through my childhood, helped me make friends in school.”


Artists also posted some incredible work on social media to capture the festive spirit. ‘Rainy_NEGI ‘ uploaded an adorable drawing of the Nintendo franchise which depicts all the generations’ starters in a circle around the text ’24th anniversary.’

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While it technically isn’t the 27th yet in North America, many fans of the series decided to celebrate today to honor Japan’s timezone as Red and Green made its debut in that region in 1996.

With over eight generations of titles and 890 Pokedex entries, Pokemon has continued to be a worldwide cultural phenomena like nothing else. And now it celebrates 24 years of capturing the imaginations of both children and adults alike.