Pokemon cards, including first edition Charizard, sell for outrageous sum at auction

Michael Gwilliam

Did you collect Pokemon cards as a kid? If so, you could be in luck because a bunch just sold for over $100,000. 

A complete set of Pokemon cards sold for $107,010 at Goldin Auctions. According to the auction site, the minimum bid for the collection was $25,000 and 12 people tried to get their hands on the super pristine batch.

“Each card has been graded GEM MT 10 by PSA. Presented is a 103-card complete set of 1999 Pokemon 1st Edition non-sports cards,” the listing reads. “Goldin Auctions is proud to present a second complete PSA GEM MT 10 conditioned set of these desirable non-sports cards at auction. While the cards have rounded corners, they are still very difficult to attain in GEM MINT condition.” 

Goldin AuctionsThe Charizard card is incredibily rare.

Among the cards included in the collection was a first edition holographic Charizard – the most sought after item for many kids growing up.

“The key card in the set – #4 Charizard – represents a vibrant progression that saw a recent example sell for nearly three times the $8,800 sale price in November 2016,” the listing says.

Other first edition holographs in the set included Alakazam, Blastoise, Chansey, Mewtwo, Machamp and more.

What’s even crazier is that this collection could sell for way more in the future. “In fact, many cards have population counts below fifty in the aforementioned condition. Demand for this set in high-grade continues to grow,” Goldin Auction wrote. 

Pokemon cards are still being made to this day with new collections and cards coming out all the time.

Recently, a controversial card known as “Blaine’s Quiz Show” was banned from the World Championships due to linguistic problems that it may cause.

Goldin AuctionsMore rare Pokemon cards sold as part of a collection.

For those at home who collected Pokemon cards and tried to catch em all as a kid, you better try to see if you have anything of value kept in binders. 

You never know. Maybe you could make a lot of coin thanks to your childhood hobby.

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