Pokemon Anime fans are crazy about Serena and want her to come back

Laura Gray
Pokemon Anime Serena Loved By Fans

The Pokemon anime has introduced many female protagonists throughout the past several decades, but XYZ’s Serena is among the most popular to star alongside Ash Ketchum.

The Pokemon animated TV series is known for its cast of quirky characters. From original good-guy favorites like Misty and Brock to the nefarious Team Rocket’s Jessie, James, and Meowth. Even those who haven’t seen the series can likely recognize the iconic characters.

In the decades that have passed since Ash Ketchum left Pallet Town, he has traded out his traveling companions numerous times. With each new region, he’s had the opportunity to meet new trainers, build fresh friendships, and get encouragement from unlikely places.

When the Pokemon XY released in 2013, Ash’s journeys were diverted to the Kalos region shortly after. In the Pokemon anime’s XYZ seasons, the young Master-to-be joined up with Gym Leader Clemont, little sister Bonnie, and new trainer Serena in yet another bid for the league championship.

However, the animation quality wasn’t the only aspect of the episodes fans were cheering about. Serena brought new life to the series, and everyone wanted to know more about her.

Why is Serena so important to fans?

Serena challenges stereotypes, standing up for herself in ways Ash’s previous female traveling companions never seemed interested in doing. She fought hard to learn about herself, realizing her desire to become a Contest performer in her own hero’s journey.

Serena’s genuine nature and determination continue to be celebrated by fans long after the conclusion of her time as Ash’s traveling companion. In a recent gag poll shared by LongVutrinh1 on Twitter, the user asks “Do you like Serena?”, offering only “Yes” as the options to answer with.


No one argues with the post, however, as RazaSalvador replies “I do like Serena” and FebreNathan adding “ABSOLUTELY ONE OF MY FAVORITE POKEGIRLS OF THE FRANCHISE, BUT SHE’S PERHAPS MY FAVORITE” in all caps.

Will Serena return to the Pokemon Anime?

Despite her popularity, It isn’t likely.

While Serena does have a minor appearance in Pokemon Journeys, her time as a main protagonist for the series is over. Her story arc is now more focused on her career as a Contest performer, making her reappearance alongside Ash frustratingly unlikely.

While Serena’s departure from the series is a difficult space for those who loved watching her grow and take on challenges in the Pokemon Anime, her long-lasting effect has been seen in the protagonists following in her footsteps. There is no doubt she helped put the soul back into the show.

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