Pokemon Anime fans want spinoff focusing on Ash’s mom and Mr. Mime

Laura Gray
Pokemon anime Delia Ketchum Ash Mr. Mime

Pokemon anime fans are sad to see Ash Ketchum retire, but one TikTok user thinks the new protag of the series should be Delia Ketchum – and her Pokemon Mr. Mime.

The news that Ash Ketchum will retire from the Pokemon anime has been a hard blow for both new and long-time fans of the twenty-five-year series. As recently announced, Ash will feature in eleven special episodes before stepping away from the show, making room with two new protagonists revealed in a recent teaser from The Pokemon Company.

While many are excited to see what the next chapter of the Pokemon anime will look like, there are some who feel potential protagonists have been overlooked. Many have thought Bonnie from XYZ could be a good choice, while others have been interested in seeing more of Goh.

However, one fan has a different idea for what the show could do next, and it’s an angle that focuses on both Ash’s mother Delia – and her Pokemon Mr. Mime.

Pokemon anime fan wants a show about Ash’s mom

In a TikTok shared by Cadaea, the Pokemon anime fan shares an interesting – if not-so-kid-friendly -concept for a continuation of the series. She explains that fans who grew up with the show are “all adults now”, and that they deserve the “R-rated adventure spinoff of Ash’s mom and Mr. Mime”.

Pokemon anime fans in the comments are mixed on the idea, with one fan stating “I’m sure there is a version of that on certain sites” and another adding “I would like an adult version of Pokemon…where the main protagonist is an adult.”

Others are less interested in what Delia and Mr. Mime could get up to and are more invested in learning about Professor Oak’s possible ties to Ash. One fan comments “Or Ash’s mom and Professor Oak and how Ash never figured it out”.

While the idea of an adult protagonist and a more mature storyline is appealing to a wide audience of Pokemon anime fans, it isn’t likely any of the Ketchums will star in the upcoming Scarlet & Violet episodes – and in this case, is likely for the better.

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