Pokemon Ultimate Journeys episode reveals how Cynthia become champion with Garchomp

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys Cynthia Ash Semi Final Champion animeThe Pokemon Company

The newest episode of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys delves deep into Cynthia’s past as she and Ash prepare for their semifinal battle, giving viewers a glimpse of the challenges presented to region champions.

Fans of the Pokemon franchise have watched many iterations of the long journey to becoming a Champion. Players have battled eight generations of evil teams, Gym Leaders, and elite region trainers to claim the title of Champion over the past several decades, while watching Ash Ketchum grind towards becoming a Pokemon Master in the animated TV series.

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However, the strength, dedication, and passion it takes to become and remain a Champion may be even greater than many imagined, following episode 32 of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys.

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys puts Ash against Cynthia

Currently, the Pokemon Ultimate Journeys anime follows Ash Ketchum’s ascent through the World Coronation Series Tournament, with the newest episode beginning the semifinal battles. These episodes will cover the battle between Galar Champion Leon and Kalos Champion Diantha as well as the battle between Sinnoh Champion Cynthia and Ash himself.

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In the episode, Ash and Goh stumble across Cynthia, who is out of her customary black outfit while she works with her partner Garchomp.

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Cynthia warming Gible’s Egg

The Pokemon anime has a habit of getting deep, and doesn’t disappoint as Cynthia tells Ash her heartwarming backstory with Garchomp.

It is revealed that Cynthia met Garchomp as a little girl, taking careful care of the Gible egg that it would hatch from. She held it close keep it warm, slept with it, and took it everywhere with her until it hatched. The Gible inside would accompany her through numerous challenges, eventually evolving into the Mega-capable Garchomp she fights alongside in the Pokemon anime.

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Her story reveals a good deal about what it takes to become Champion. Her dedication to Gible began at an age when most trainers aren’t even able to set out on their journeys. From there, she trained to rise through the ranks of the Sinnoh region, and has held her place as Champion for what is likely a good deal of time.

Can Ash beat Cynthia in the semifinals?

Currently, it isn’t clear whether Ash will have what it takes to beat Cynthia in the semifinals match.

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At the end of the Pokemon Ultimate Journeys episode, Ash and Cynthia watch as Leon defeats Diantha, securing his position in the upcoming finals matches.

Ash is much younger than both Leon and Cynthia, lacking the experience the other two likely have as long-standing Champions of Galar and Sinnoh. However, the underdog protagonist of the Pokemon anime has often pulled off the unthinkable to triumph in situations that seem impossible, making a final match between Leon and Ash likely.

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Like Cynthia, Ash has always had a passionate drive for his Pokemon and his desire to become a master trainer. With his powerful Ultimate Journeys Pokemon team, he may walk away the World Champion after decades of exciting adventures.