Ash Ketchum voice actor horrified by viral TikTok of chef eating Pokemon

Pokemon voice actor Sarah Natochenny next to Pokemon Sword & Shield screenshot slowpoke tailYouTube: Vanity Fair / Game Freak

Pokemon voice actor Sarah Natochenny was mortified after reacting to a chef’s viral TikTok that shows the best way to cook Pokemon. The Ash Ketchum actor shared her hilarious reaction to the disturbing video.

For decades, Sarah Natochenny has been the voice of the Pokemon franchise by portraying Ash Ketchum. The artist has brought the protagonist trainer to life for millions of viewers since she landed the role in 2006.

The popular voice actor was left horrified, however, after discovering a TikTok from YouTube’s popular Good Mythical Morning channel that showed the best way to cook Pokemon. Her reaction to the culinary nightmare is hilariously relatable.

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Sarah Natochenny reacts to Good Mythical Kitch viral TikTok of cooking PokemonTikTok: @sarah_natochenny / @mythicalkitchen
The Ashk Ketchum voice actor reacted to the viral Pokemon TikTok.

Ash Ketchum voice actor reacts to disturbing Pokemon TikTok

The TikTok was created by Good Mythical Morning chef Josh Scherer who listed the top five Pokemon he would like to eat. The comedic video had a twist, though, as the culinary master also went into detail on how he would prepare the Nintendo creatures as an edible dish. From an Exeggute frittata quiche to Lickitung tacos, the cook doesn’t hold back.

The intriguing and semi-disturbing clip went viral when it caught the eye of Ash Ketchum’s voice Sarah Natochenny. The beloved Pokemon voice actor’s duet with the TikTok showcased her reaction to Scherer listing which ‘mon he would love to try as cuisine.

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“Duet with mythicalkitchen to blindreact to this VERY UPSETTING VIDEO,” the voice actor wrote. While watching the clip, Natochenny becomes increasingly more mortified. “NO! Noooooo! AAAAHHH. Idiot! No!” the Ash Ketchum star exclaimed after the chef listed Snorlax as the best ‘mon to eat.

The voice actor didn’t have any hard feelings towards the Good Mythical Morning chef though, as she clarified, “For the record, I don’t think you’re an idiot, sir. Great vid!!!”

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While the video was ultimately a joke, Sarah Natochenny’s reactions are something that any fan of the Pokemon franchise can relate to. Perhaps Josh Scherer would fit in with Team Rocket as they do have a thing for Slowpoke’s tails as a culinary delicacy.

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