Nomeyy & Nerdout announce massive Pokemon Shiny hunting challenge taking on Gen 2

Dylan Horetski
Shiny Umbreon beside Pokeballs

Twitch streamer Nomeyy and content creation trio Nerdout are attempting to break more world records with the announcement of the Pokemon Gen 2 Shiny hunting challenge.

When it involves things to do in Pokemon games outside of the story, Shiny hunting is one of the most popular.

It involves countless encounters with the same Pokemon with hopes of encountering its special shiny variant that changes the colors of the ‘mon.

Creators Nomeyy and Nerdout are taking things to the next level, attempting to break world records by catching every shiny Pokemon from Gen 2.

Gen 2 Shiny Hunting Challenge

On September 2, Nomeyy posted a tweet announcing the upcoming event.

She said: “The beautiful community is coming together once again to hunt all 100 Johto shiny Pokémon!! I cannot wait.”

The event will begin on September 16, at 6 pm, and will end on September 17 at 6 pm BST.

Nomeyy, her partner Jack, and the rest of Nerdout as well as over a hundred creators participated in the first event this past June, where they managed to catch all of the Gen 1 Pokemon with over seven hours to spare.

During the marathon, the creators played their Pokemon game of choice to fill the shiny dex. Jack was the one to finish the dex, catching Shiny Mew on Pokemon Go.

Doing so, the entire group of creators became Guinness World Record holders with three records broken in the process.

  • Fastest time to collect all shiny variants of the original 151 Pokémon by an online community event
  • Largest Shiny Pokémon Collecting Online Community Event
  • Most Shiny Pokémon Variants Collected in 24 Hours by an Online Community

The event is coming up soon, so we’ll be sure to update if the community manages to complete the ever-popular Johto Pokedex with all shiny ‘mon.

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