Pokemon Go leaks suggest Remote Raid passes will increase in price

pokemon go remote raid pass price

After a line of text teased a potential daily limit to Remote Raid uses, a new Pokemon Go leak suggests that Niantic will raise the price of Remote Raid Passes in the coming weeks.

On February 20, Pokemon Go data mining group PokeMiners reported a changed line of text for one of the game’s items. The Remote Raid Pass’s description was changed to read, “Pass to join a Raid Battle remotely. You can join {0} Raids a day.”

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This suggested that players would only be able to participate in a limited number of Remote Raids per day. However, shortly after the change was discovered, the text was reverted to its original form. This comes after a “leak” from a few weeks back suggested a Remote Raid limit would be enacted at the start of the new season.

While there’s still a chance that the daily limit is never implemented, PokeMiners has reported on more leaked info regarding Remote Raid Passes, leaving players even more concerned.

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Pokemon Go Remote Raid potential price hike leaks

The question many players asked was how many Remote Raids Pokemon Go would allow each day, and it seems they may have their answer. According to new leaks shared by PokeMiners, the limit is six Remote Raids per day.

Yet, the most devastating news came immediately after. “It was leaked the other week that the start of the season would introduce this nerf, along with raising the prices of remote raid passes. Based on more leaks today, the numbers are 6 raids per day, at 150 coins.”

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PokeMiners did go on to clarify that these leaked changes aren’t guaranteed to happen, stating, “We’ll have to see if that comes true of course.”

It didn’t take long for the broader Pokemon Go community to get wind of these potential changes and share their adverse opinions. One Reddit user commented, “How do the decision makers at this company still have jobs?”

A use under PokeMiner’s tweet stated, “They really wanna kill their game. That’s so sad. I really enjoyed this game.” This was among several players who called for another boycott if Niantic were to implement these changes.

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Again, these changes aren’t set in stone, so they may never come to fruition. However, with PokeMiners stating the changes could be put in place at the start of the new season, we should know sooner rather than later.

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