New winking Pikachu and Piplup Squishmallows plushies announced

Filip Krawanski
All Squishmallows Pokemon crossover plushies arranged on a window sill.Twitter: @squishmallows

Squishmallows is expanding its collection with two new Pokemon crossover plushies, a new winking Pikachu and Piplup, according to the brand’s official Twitter page.

Squishmallows, which are pretty much the modern-day equivalent of Beanie Babies, are expanding their roster of collectible plush toys with two new additions to their Pokemon crossover collection.

The collection started with regular Pikachu and Gengar back in 2022, before Snorlax and Togepi joined their ranks in March of 2023.

And now Squishmallows’ official Twitter page is teasing another expansion to the collection which will include Piplup and a winking Pikachu. And given the fact that the internet retailer “Pokemon Center” keeps showing that all available Pokemon Squishmallows are sold out, fans are in for a fierce fight.

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Pokemon community goes wild for new Pokemon Sqishmallows

“Shining a light on what’s new, Piplup & Winking Pikachu!” wrote the official Squishmallows Twitter when announcing the new crossover plushies.

The internet’s reception of the announcement looks exactly as you’d expect, Pokemon fans are going wild.

One of the most liked replies to the announcement is simply: “I NEED PIPLUP I NEED PIPLUP I NEED PIPLUP I NEED PIPLUP I NEED PIPLUP.”

“I’m so glad I waited for more options, that Piplup is the one I want,” another user exclaimed.

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As of now the release date of Piplup and winking Pikachu are a mystery, there’s also no way to pre-order the plushies yet, so fans of these pocket monsters will have to wait.

With over 1000 unique Pokemon out there some fans will probably be waiting for their favorites for a long time, but the replies are full of fans pleading as to which Pokemon should be made into a Squishmallows next. Growlithe, Arcanine, Eevee, Jigglypuff, and Clefairy are just some of the suggestions.

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As of right now, it’s impossible to tell if there will even be more Pokemon Squishmallows, but if their popularity is anything to go by, then we would guess they are just getting started.

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