Pokemon fans ready to “break the bank” for new Snorlax & Togepi Squishmallows

Stills of Togepi and Snorlax from the Pokemon Anime

Pokemon fans are ready to empty their wallets to add a Togepi or Snorlax Squishmallow to their collections. However, United States-based fans reacted to the disappointing news of the plushes’ delayed arrival.

In November 2022, The Pokemon Center unveiled Gengar and Pikachu as the franchise’s first Squishmallows. The two plushes sold out only an hour after they went live. In the Spring of 2023, the company restocked Gengar and Pikachu before being snatched off the shelves once again.

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On March 20, Pokemon fans prepared in advance to fight to the death for a chance to purchase a Snorlax or Togepi Squishmallow. At 12 inches tall and £25.99 each, plush fanatics have a purchase limit of one Togepi and one Snorlax. At the time of writing, the Squishmallows are only available at The Pokemon Center UK website, and the United States release date remains undetermined.

Pokemon fans react to the Togepi and Snorlax Squishmallow Drop

The Pokemon Company

On Twitter, user cosyabbi reacted to the update by revealing there wasn’t much she wouldn’t do to get her “grubby little gremlin hands on the Togepi one.” veryhotcheetos expressed his disappointment over the Squishmallows being exclusive to the U.K. until their U.S. release date. “It says it’s coming to the US soon but idk if that means soon today?” Chasebut asked.

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While The Pokemon Center officially announced the availability of the Togepi and Snorlax Squishmallows on March 20, SquichCollect claimed Hot Topic listed the Snorlax plush on March 15. Allegedly, the 10-inch version sold out in only three minutes.

In the past, The Pokemon Company has collaborated with Build-a-Bear several times with plushes like Charmander, Mew, and Scorbunny. In January 2023, Build-a-Bear unveiled Sylveon to complete its Eeveelution lineup.

For $72, the Sylveon bundle included the plush, a 5-in-1 sound button, a Fairy-type cape, and Sylveon sleeper pajamas. Build-a-Bear also offered bundles that each contained Teddiursa or Jumbo Snorlax. The 24-inch Snorlax set buyers back $99.50 for the plush itself with the Pokemon’s own extra-large sleep set.

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