Mega Mewtwo forms still missing from Pokemon Go despite two-year-old teasers

Zackerie Fairfax
pokemon go mega mewtwo

Pokemon Go players have begun questioning whether Mega Mewtwo will ever make it into the games after its form was first teased in promotional artwork from two years ago.

Niantic often releases promotional artwork to tease upcoming seasons or events, giving players a glimpse of the general tone of the game’s future. And in some cases, players are shown Pokemon that will be featured in Raids or the wild.

But there are two pieces of promo art that have stuck with players for over two years because of the magnitude of their teasers. They are the 4th and 5th Pokemon Go Anniversary artworks from 2020 and 2021.

And while these are some of the most iconic promos thanks to the abundance of creatures and characters featured therein, it’s two specific Pokemon that have confused players for almost three years. More specifically, two different forms of Mega Mewtwo have been teased twice but have never appeared in Pokemon Go.

pokemon go 4th anniversary

Pokemon Go still missing Mega Mewtwo

Niantic added Mega Evolutions to Pokemon Go in 2020, the first year that Mega Mewtwo appeared in the annual anniversary artwork. This promo also featured Mega Charizard – who eventually made it into the game – and another lost Pokemon, Mega Lucario.

But in 2021, Mega Mewtwo’s other form appeared in the anniversary artwork as the sole Mega Evolution to be featured. Yet, there was still no word or other indication from Niantic that Mega Mewtwo would be added to Pokemon Go.

Two years after the last Mewtwo teaser, user Pigroee took to Reddit to ask the burning question: where is Mega Mewtwo? They provided both images with Mewtwo circled in red and asked, “They were teased 2 years ago. Are there any updates?”

Sadly, the comments agreed that there hadn’t been any new info regarding if or when Mewtwo would be available in Pokemon Go. Instead, users took the opportunity to poke fun at Niantic.

“They’ll be here as soon as Niantic needs a cash injection,” one user replied. Another stated, “Silly player, you thought that was a tease? That was just part of the promotional art.”

For now, we don’t know when Mega Mewtwo will be added to Pokemon Go. Niantic usually rolls out new Pokemon and forms in small batches, and Mega evolutions are still being rolled out one at a time every few months, meaning it could be a long time until the Mewtwo’s Mega forms are added.

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