Man beats neighbor to death with bag full of Pokemon cards

Andrew Hague killed neighbor with pokemon cardsSouth Yorkshire Police/The Pokémon Company

A man has been jailed for life after beating his neighbor to death with a bag filled with Pokemon cards and a piece of wood.

Last year on August 2, 31-year-old Andrew Hague was seen attacking his neighbor, Simon Wilkinson, in front of others in his Sheffield community after an altercation.

According to ITV, Hauge suffers from a psychotic disorder, and instead of taking his medication, he was using cannabis. Hauge was reportedly angry that he had been insulted by Wilkinson and confronted him.

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After demanding his neighbor “come out here and fight like a man,” Hague hit him numerous times with a bag filled with five tins of Pokemon cards, leaving the victim lifeless, Prosecutor Laura Marshall said.

Man sentenced to life after Pokemon card attack

Hauge would later admit to police officers that he “got carried away” during the attack and “murdered him in cold blood.”

He also claimed that he “tried to end his life” in an act of mercy because he had already seriously injured Wilkinson by hitting him with a bag of Pokemon cards.

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Pokemon card stolenUnsplash
Andrew Hague used a bag filled with Pokemon cards to kill his neighbor.

Judge Sarah Wright sentenced him to life in prison for a minimum of 17 years and recommended he be readmitted to Rampton secure hospital. The judge also warned about “self-medicating” with marijuana and alcohol.

“This case is a stark reminder of the dangers of cannabis use, particularly with someone with such a complex mental health history as yours,” she said.

This is hardly the first crime involving Pokemon cards, but likely the first they’ve been used as a murder weapon. Last year, a man was killed by police after allegedly stealing Pokemon cards and pizza from a Target in Florida.

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