Japanese Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans troll English players with fake Fuecoco leak

Fake leak of Fuecoco Pokemon evolutionGame Freak

Japanese Pokemon fans are having some fun at the expense of their English-speaking brethren by creating hilarious fake leaks for Scarlet & Violet.

With Pokemon fans eager for more news related to the next mainline entries in the series, Scarlet & Violet leaks have been popping up a plenty.

Leakers themselves have blamed Game Freak for the leaks, claiming that the lack of trailers has pushed fans to seek out content from non-official sources.

Some of these non-official sources, however, have proven to be fake, such as one showing off Fuecoco’s final evolution with some insulting Japanese text.

Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly in pokemon scarlet and violetGame Freak
Fuecoco is the fire-type starter for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon fans trolled by Japanese Fuecoco evolution leak

In an image shared to the popular, yet controversial, imageboard 4chan, a “leaked” screenshot claimed to reveal starter Pokemon Fuecoco’s final evolution.

Being a starter, many fans have been curious about what Fuecoco’s final form will look like and despite this “leak” appearing authentic to some, its Japanese text proved the image was fake.

As users have pointed out, when translated, the text reads: “Hey idiot, how are you coping with a lack of girlfriends?”

While the leak may not be real, it certainly entertained the community and has gone viral, earning quite a few laughs in the process.

Hopefully, Game Freak finally reveals more information about Scarlet and Violet soon, along with Fuecoco’s evolutions so fans can finally sink their teeth into some official content.

Until then, expect more leaks, both fake and legitimate, to surface. Let’s just hope the false ones continue to be as fun as this Fuecoco one.