Pokemon Scarlet & Violet leakers blame Game Freak for leaks during trailer drought

Lechonk pokemon on its side in scarlet and violetThe Pokemon Company

Notable Pokemon Scarlet & Violet leakers have started to resent leaks surfacing four months out from the game’s launch and are blaming Game Freak for not putting out more trailers.

Leaked information that the Pokemon community believes to be real has started to surface more than four months out from the launch of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Leaks of this caliber usually appear no sooner than a month before a game’s release making these some of the earliest in Pokemon history.

However, they aren’t the most coherent. Multiple sources claiming to be game testers have only offered blurry screenshots and cryptic answers to Q&As, and refuse to provide some of the most requested information. But fans have still learned a lot from what info has been given.

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That being said, a few of the major outlets that report on leaks, along with their communities, are starting to resent having so much information this early on. CentroLeaks, PoryLeaks, and more have spoken out and some go as far as to blame Game Freak due to the long time periods between trailers.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Starters screenshot.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will release on November 18, 2022.

Leakers blame Game Freak for leaks

Centro was the first to express its adverse opinion toward the early leaks. In a tweet, they stated, “To be honest I’m not sure how I feel about the whole freaking game leaking 4 months before release… And that’s coming from an account dedicated to this!”

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They also claimed that, at this rate, there wouldn’t be anything to discuss or speculate after a few more leak-filled days. And they weren’t alone as many others shared this sentiment.

PoryLeaks, a leading leak community for Legends: Arceus, offered a solution for leaks. “I blame Pokémon for not sharing any info. They can counter it by doing trailers like in the [Sun & Moon] era every few weeks. Leaking is inevitable in this age.”

A user named SputzeeD echoed this by stating, “They can’t even give us consistent trailers on the game, if it wasn’t for leakers I’d forget the game was even coming out.”

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The Pokemon Company has released two trailers for Gen 9 so far. The announcement trailer in February and the ‘second trailer’ in June. Compared to Sun & Moon which had over six different trailers released between February and November of 2016.

Some fans do believe that an oversaturation of trailers would have the opposite effect of building hype as oversharing would spoil the entire game. But at the rate leaks are coming out, everything there is to know about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will be here in a flash.