Iron Hands Ex Pokemon Card Set to Strangle & Destroy TCG Metagame 

Andres Velez
Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Expansion, Paradox Rift Cards: Iron Hands and Roaring Moon Ex

Pokemon TCG will metagame shaking release Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet—Paradox Rift on November 3rd, in time for Black Friday. The set features ancient Pokemon like Roaring Moon Ex, type-shifted Pokemon like Torterra, and future Pokemon like Iron Hands Ex.

The electric/fighting type’s move ‘Amp You Very Much’—the translation of Japanese sumo slang ‘gottsuan’, meaning ‘thank-you’— has left fans snickering. The move itself however is no laughing matter, as catching those Iron Hands will cost you two prize cards instead of one. Whilst Roaring Moon Ex’s Frenzied Gauging grants a player a handy OHKO in a pinch, hitting itself for 200 damage is also a weakness that leaves the ancient dragon vulnerable to a counterattack.

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Why is the Iron Hands Ex Pokemon Card Overpowered?

Only a dozen cards ever released have had comparable effects, including Lugia Ex from Black and White Plasma Storm, whose Overflow ability took away a second reward card from a knocked-out opponent. Lugia’s Plasma Gale attack costs five energy. Another is Dialga Vstar from Astral Radiance, which permits two attacks over two turns which also costs five energy with its V Star Power, Star Chronos. Incidentally, Dialga could team up with Iron Hands to form a powerhouse of a deck alongside Magnezone, whose magnetic circuit is capable of rapidly charging Iron Hands. 

Further, future strategy

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Iron Hands Ex can handily replace Raikou in Lost Zone Box and slide into Miraidon builds to profit from energy-accelerating cards like Mirage Gate. An option in Lost Box could be double booster energy as you will still one-shot some draw engines like Kirlia even after the power reduction. If power is a concern, then Future Energy Capsule will compensate for its high retreat cost and increase damage output by twenty. This tool card will be included in the November 17, 2023 release of the Iron Valiant and Roaring Moon Ex boxes. 

For now, we’ll amp you up and leave you with a great deal on this Pokemon Paradox Rift booster box.

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