How to watch Pokemon XY anime on Twitch: Start time, stream, more

Dylan Horetski
Pokemon The Series XY

The Pokemon Company is set to stream episodes of the Pokemon XY series anime on Twitch soon, and here’s everything we know — including how to watch it yourself.

Since its launch in the 90’s the Anime series surrounding various Pokemon generations have skyrocketed in popularity.

However, not all of the seasons are easily available to watch on streaming services. Luckily, The Pokemon Company is set to stream episodes of the XY anime on Twitch soon.

Here’s how to watch the shows, including dates, times, and what channel is going to feature them.

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How to watch Pokemon XY Anime for free

In a tweet, The Pokemon Company revealed that they will be streaming Pokemon The Series XY on the official Twitch channel on two different days.

Here are the dates and times Pokemon The Series XY will be streaming:

  • Tuesday, May 23, 2023, at 2 pm PDT/5 pm EDT
  • Thursday, May 23, 2023, at 2 pm PDT/5 PM EDT

The Pokemon Twitch channel has anime streams scheduled on Tuesdays & Thursdays of every week (and at the same time) for the next few months, but it’s unknown what season they will be streaming in the future.

They also stream marathons of various Pokemon tournaments on Thursday of each week at 2 pm PDT/5 pm EDT, with the next stream focusing on Pokken DX.

Fans are excited to check out the next streams and are excited to hear what they’re going to broadcast next.

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