How to watch Dragon Ball Z – is the anime show streaming?

Anthony McGlynn
Goku and Gohan in Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most beloved anime ever, taking Akira Toriyama’s franchise to incredible heights in production and fandom. But how can you watch it?

In the late ’90s, Dragon Ball Z introduced an entire generation to Shonen anime. It’s a strong entry point, given that it’s one of the best anime shows ever. A sequel to Dragon Ball, this one brings back the protagonist, Goku, as an adult, with a group of Z Fighters, who are dedicated to defending Earth.

Easier said than done when you’ve got threats like Frieza and Cell among the Dragon Ball Z sagas. Where can you watch Dragon Ball Z these days? Is it streaming? You don’t need any Dragon Balls because you’re already in the right place for your answer!

Is Dragon Ball Z streaming?

Yes, Dragon Ball Z is streaming in the UK and US, where you can find the whole series on Crunchyroll. This is a recent development, with DBZ only joining Crunchyroll in the UK in March 2024.

In fact, fans in Britain and Ireland couldn’t stream the show at all for a long time. They could only purchase digital copies or boxsets. Alas, Toriyama’s epic has finally come into the modern age and viewers both sides of the pond can enjoy for the price of a standard Crunchyroll subscription.

Is Dragon Ball Z on Netflix?

No, Dragon Ball Z isn’t on Netflix. Though Netflix’s anime selection has classics such as Cowboy Bebop and Gundam, Dragon Ball hasn’t been made available there.

The only streaming service Dragon Ball Z is available on is Crunchyroll.

Is Dragon Ball Z worth watching?

Without a doubt, yes. Besides being one of the best Shonen anime, it’s easily one of the most influential and enduring. Dragon Ball Z helped establish anime in the mainstream in English-speaking territories, and it still holds up against the likes of My Hero Academia or Jujutsu Kaisen.

Sure, some of the animation isn’t as tight and the storytelling is longwinded, but there’s so much charm to it, and the fights are awesome. If you haven’t seen when Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2 for the first time, let me tell you, it’s worth the wait.

In fact, as you’re watching, keep an eye out for the best Dragon Ball Z fights and best Dragon Ball Z villains. There are plenty more beyond what we’ve chosen, too!

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