How to get free Victini in Pokemon Sword & Shield: 2022 World Championships code

Pokemon World Championships How To Get Free Victini Code

Pokémon World Championships for Sword & Shield are just around the corner, and they will come with a few free Pokemon for both virtual and in-person attendees.

The Pokemon 2022 World Championships for Sword & Shield competitive battles will be taking place in London this year. Those hoping to watch can either attend the event in person, or tune in and watch online via livestreams. The World Championship battles will pit the best players against each other for thrilling matches of skill and strategy.

This year, the championship battles will take place August 18 through the 21, offering those interested in traveling to London multiple busy days of game-inspired celebrations.

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Additionally, those attending in person will be able to obtain a free, commemorative Sinistea during specific timeframes. The Ghost-type Galar Pokemon is perfectly themed for the London setting, making it an excellent gift for Pokemon fans.

How to get a free Victini during Pokemon World Championships

Pokemon fans can receive a free Victini in Sword & Shield by tuning into the livestreams from anywhere in the world. The code has now been revealed: W0RLD22V1CT0RY.

Simply enter this in the Mystery Gift menu in your copy of Pokemon Sword or Shield.

According to the Pokemon Official Website, Mythical Pokemon Victini will available via Sword & Shield passwords broadcasted during the livestreams. Players will be able to redeem their “Victory” Pokemon through the end of the event on August 21, 2022 at 4:59 PM PDT. Only one Victini may be claimed per copy of the game.

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The chance to obtain Victini is especially exciting for Galar players, as the Mythical Pokemon is one of the few not available in the base game or DLC expansions. With no further content currently announced for Sword & Shield, this could be one of the last opportunities players will receive to bring it into the game.

While not everyone will be able to claim a Sinistea for Sword & Shield, the chance to celebrate the championships with an adorable and peppy Victini is a great prize for fans of the Galar region.