Hilarious Pokemon Go glitch is giving Pokemon fedoras & players love it

. 4 months ago
Hilarious Pokemon Go glitch is giving Pokemon fedoras
Niantic / The Pokemon Company / Pixabay

A cute Pokemon Go glitch has given a wild Wailmer a fedora and trainers are going wild for it, wanting it added to the game as an official costume ‘mon.

There have been all kinds of bugs and unintended occurrences in Niantic’s hit mobile game, from revealing what’s in unhatched Eggs to ones that are a little more risque.

One player’s latest glitch is adorable, though – so much so that fans want the developer to make it an official feature for everyone to enjoy.

Pokemon Go glitch gives Wailmer a fedora *tips hat*

The delightful bug was shared to the r/PokemonGo forum by user ‘LinaStarPrincess‘ on February 19. “I can’t believe this happened…” they captioned their post.

Also included was a screenshot of a wild Wailmer in the overworld, with the player’s fedora-wearing avatar clipping through the ‘mon’s model, giving the appearance of it donning the hat.

Even funnier is that the trainer’s legs slip out at the bottom, making it look like the creature has human limbs and a Pokemon body – kinda nightmare fuel, actually.

Fellow Pokemon Go players went crazy for the hat-wearing ‘mon, filling up the comment section with pleas for Niantic to add it to the game as an official costume.

“Costume for our buddy when?” one asked. “I like it. Very fashionable,” wrote another.

Many others just used it as an excuse to bring up the classic ‘M’Lady’ meme and honestly, we’re here for this comment and this comment only: “Wailm’er.”

While this is no doubt the last Pokemon Go glitch players will encounter, it’s definitely one of the cutest.

And we’ve got to agree with fans here – Niantic needs to add a Fedora Wailmer costume ‘mon ASAP.

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