Dunkey’s Pokemon Unite rage goes viral after hilarious Snorlax fail

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Popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer Jason ‘videogamedunkey’ Yevgeniy Gastrow was sent into a fit of rage while playing Pokémon Unite, the popular new MOBA title.

Pokémon Unite has exploded onto the gaming scene, instantly becoming one of Twitch’s most popular games upon release on July 21. The game has seen an average of 59,000 viewers over the last week, according to TwitchTracker, which is good for tenth place of all games on Twitch.

The idea of a Pokémon-MOBA was enticing upon its announcement in June 2020, and some content creators are coming back to the MOBA genre specifically to play some Unite.

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One of those content creators is Dunkey, who was once one of the biggest League of Legends content creators online. Dunkey recently decided to stream some Unite and play Snorlax, the sleeping Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite Crustle and SnorlaxThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Snorlax has quickly become one of the more popular defenders in Pokémon Unite.

Dunkey’s Snorlax rage and stream loop

During a Pokémon Unite match, Dunkey died in a 2 vs 1 using Snorlax, and ripped down a poster next to him in a fit of rage.

“F**k this s**t, man!” Dunkey let out, channeling his old League of Legends anger. And yet, there is more to this clip than meets the eye.

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A commentator on a reddit thread for this clip noticed something odd about Dunkey’s “24 hour Pokemon Unite” stream, saying: “The madman made a 20 min stream, then looped it in a way that he responds to imaginary chatters about it being pre recorded (denying it basically), and then made a 24 hour stream out of it. I watched the loop about 5 or 6 times, and I’m still unsure if he’s commenting with live audio from time to time, or if it’s all pre recorded. Sometimes it feels like he’s dubbing himself lol. But it can also be related to a audio delay because of the loop.”

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It turns out that Dunkey had a 20-minute recording on a loop, playing over and over the same few Pokémon Unite matches on his Twitch page. The trickery had layers to it, as he pretended to interact with chat even though it was all pre-recorded – absolute genius moves from the champion of Bowser’s Big Bean Burrito.

Many viewers were duped by the stream loop, although some viewers caught on and were typing “loop” in the chat to alert others. Dunkey’s moment of rage can be seen over, and over again, thanks to the loop.

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