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Dedicated Pokemon trainer ‘catches them all’ with insane level 100 living Pokedex

Published: 3/Jan/2021 3:57 Updated: 3/Jan/2021 3:59

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


A dedicated Pokemon trainer has managed to achieve a full living Pokedex, complete with every form and every variation, all trained to level 100. It’s a stunning achievement that took four long years.

Pokemon games are relatively easy to finish, but the real challenge has always been to catch them all. However, trainers have found ways to make that challenge even harder. For example, the ultimate goal is to complete a full living Pokedex, which requires trainers to have a living version of all currently-available Pokemon in storage.

But one trainer named Freddichio didn’t want to stop there. He set out to do something even more ambitious and capture every form and every variation, including genders, and train them to the maximum level. 

Now, after four long years, he’s finally managed to pull it off.

Freddichio shared all the details about his impressive achievement and provided proof on the /r/Pokemon subreddit for anyone who doubted his claims.

“I wanna be the very best like no-one ever was. To catch them was my real test, but to train them was my cause,” he said, referring to the classic theme song. “I passed the test, with every Pokemon… and I’ve trained [them all] to level 100.”

Pokemon Full Living Pokedex Level 100
A full living Pokedex is hard enough to achieve, but getting all forms and variants and training them to the maximum level is even harder.

“Proof here. It’s one long youtube video showing them all in boxes. The complete view in Home and then sorting by level to show they’re all level 100,” he said. “Pretty much all these pokemon have been caught, trained, and bred by me, including mythicals.

“I believe I’ve got every form, variation, etc.,” he said. “I’ve got every pokemon from Bulbapedia’s list of gender differences, I’ve got all forms of Pokemon like Rotom, Deerling, Alcremie, and Vivillon. I have all sizes of Pumpkaboo and Sinistea.”

“It’s possible I’ve missed some,” he added. “If people are interested, I can draw up a full list of what I’ve got to make sure I’ve not missed anything.

There one’s thing he’s missing though: “I do not have all Spinda, all Shiny Pokemon, or all Gigantamax forms. I feel like I’ve done enough, though, and if someone catches me every single Spinda form, I’ll train them for you!”

Freddichio has done enough, indeed. It’s crazy he’s still thinking about what he’s missed. However, it would take an absurd amount of time to get all the Shiny and Gigantamax variants.

Plus, there are around 4,294,967,296 possible Spinda forms. It’s simply impossible to catch them all.

Either way, it’s an impressive effort, and if he decides to call it quits once and for all, nobody will hold it against him.


Riot respond after pro Valorant players criticize terrible Ranked queue waiting times

Published: 17/Jan/2021 11:46

by Calum Patterson


A problem that has persistently frustrated the very best Valorant players continues to rear its head, as players in the upper ranks find it almost impossible to find a match within a reasonable time. Riot Games devs have responded, confirming they’re working on improvements.

Valorant’s ranked system is the primary mode for most players, and for the majority of the playerbase, it functions well, with a well-designed MMR system pitting players of similar skill levels against each other.

However, if you’re talented enough to find yourself in the very upper ranks of Immortal or Radiant, the experience can become completely different.

The higher you climb, the smaller the available pool of players to match with and against. For Radiant players, it’s not uncommon to have to wait for hours to get a match.

Valorant ranks
Riot Games
Valorant’s new ranked system has ditched the “arrows” for clear-cut points called Rank Rating.

Riot’s response to queue times

Recently retired pro player Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo is one such player who experiences ridiculous waiting times to get a match. During a 24 hour stream on January 14, he was unable to find a match after 4 hours of waiting, while on his main account.

As a workaround, top players will often use ‘smurf’ accounts to play more regular matches.

Responding to TenZ, Riot’s Senior Competitive Designer Jon ‘EvrMoar’ Walker acknowledged the problems with the system. “We are currently talking about how to fix this, and looking into your queue to figure out solutions.”

The dev continued, “I personally feel bad that one of our best players can’t engage with the new system.”

Cloud9 player Joseph ‘Keeoh’ Winkler has since shared his suggestions for how the ranked system could be improved across the board, but especially for the upper ranks.

He too highlights the issues faced by TenZ, stating: “High MMR people (like TenZ) are getting 2hr+ queue times, meaning they can’t climb the leaderboard.”

How Riot plans to address the issues remains to be seen. They have just rolled out a series of significant changes to competitive play for Episode 2, Act I and we can expect more iteration on this system in Act II.

The devs have also responded to some of the other criticisms about the new system, including fears over a ‘hidden MMR’. They reassured players that: “We will be monitoring the data around how long it takes the average player to return to their previously acquired rank and definitely listening to feedback from players.”