AEW sign flames Pokemon Red & Blue and players are divided

Brianna Reeves
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During AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam, a fan was spotted with a sign that flames Pokemon Red & Blue as inferior to Black & White.

Game Freak and Nintendo shipped Pokemon Red & Blue for the Game Boy in 1996. Enhanced versions of the original Pokemon games, this pair of role-playing titles kickstarted a groundbreaking series that Nintendo continues to iterate and improve upon.

But while Red & Blue still constitute beloved experiences, most agree they don’t hold up well by modern standards.

For some reason, a wrestling fan decided to express their opinion on the matter during AEW’s recent Grand Slam event.

AEW Dynamite fan holds up sign blasting Pokemon Red & Blue

Twitter user TDE Wrestling shared a screencap from AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam, which shows an audience member raising a Pokemon sign.

The sign itself is pretty barebone, comprised of a few words scribbled across a white poster board. It reads as follows: “Pokemon B/W > Pokemon R/B.”

Evidently, someone in the AEW crowd thinks Pokemon Black & White is superior to the classic Red & Blue adventures.

Replies in the above Twitter thread suggest many Pokemon fans agree with the poster. One user, Mr. Charley, argued “it’s not even a contest” since Red & Blue offered a crude experience “held together by duct tape.”

Lots of comments stating “it’s true” fill the replies, as well. Juror Ward counts as one such user, adding that Red & Blue’s mechanical issues were especially overshadowed by Black & White’s “quality story.”

NVious898 went to bat for the older games, however, saying the AEW fan “doesn’t get the OGs like [Red & Blue and Silver & Gold].”

Soon enough, Pokemon faithful will have yet another pair of RPGs to debate over. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet hit Nintendo Switch on November 18.

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