Where to find and catch Vaelet in Palworld

Jeremy Gan
Vaelet in Palworld

With Palworld being so new, it’s hard to know where you can find certain Pals. So here is all you need to know about where to find and catch Vaelet. 

Pocket Pair’s Palworld has undoubtedly been an unexpected smash hit for the studio, as the off-kilter ‘Pokemon with guns’ game breaks player count records on Steam. 

Catching, raising, and fighting Pals is one of the main aspects of the game, with one of them being Vaelet, a grass type. It’s good to know the location of Vaelet to either complete your Paldeck or just to put it to work, especially with its good Medicine Production.

So here are all the locations you can find Vaelet.

How to find Vaelet in Palworld

Vaelet’s can be found in the southernmost island on the map, directly south of the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate. 

Since it’s a completely barren island detached from the mainlands, you’ll need to fly over to it with a flying Pal to reach it. We’d recommend getting a Nitewing and creating a Nitewing Saddle if you still haven’t gotten a flying mount yet. 

Vaelet location in Palworld

And fair warning, since Vaelet’s are level 20, it’ll be a moderate challenge to capture if you’re still starting out, so come prepared. 

Since Vaelet is a grass type, it’s best to bring a fire type Pal with you to capture it, and it’s best to avoid using ground-type Pals as they are weak to grass. 

Since Vaelet’s have such good Medicine Production at level three, they’ll always be a good addition to any farm to have a consistent supply of Medicine and Consumables. And with solid levels in their Planting, Handiwork, and Gathering, they’re great all-rounder.