Where to find and catch Menasting in Palworld

Jeremy Gan
Dark-type Menasting in Palworld

With Palworld only just in early access, it’s hard to know where to find certain Pals, so here’s your guide on where to find and catch Menasting. 

Palworld has been a runaway hit for Pocketpair, breaking player count records and selling millions of copies not even a week into its release. 

And there’s much to do in Palworld that isn’t defeating Pals with guns, as it is a monster collecting game for the most part, it’s best to know where the best Pals can be found, and Menasting is one of them. 

Ranked S-Tier, the Dark Ground Pal is certainly one to add to your farm with great Work Sustainability levels, or just to add to the Paldeck, so here’s what you need to know about where to find it. 

How to find Menasting in Palworld

Menasting can be found on an island at the southwest of the map near the Volcanic Area at the No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary. Since it’s separated from the mainland, you’ll need a flying Pal to get to the island. 

You can fast travel to either the Forgotten Island or Ruined Fortress City for a quick way to get to the Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Menasting location in Palworld

A fair warning, this part of the map is quite advanced, with Menasting being level 44, so if you’re under-leveled and determined to capture one, be prepared. 

Menasting is a Dark Ground type Pal, so it’s best to bring along either a Dragon or Grass type to counter it so you’ll have an easier time capturing it. 

One of the main reasons a Menasting is quite useful is because its Work Sustainability is quite useful in its Lumbering and Mining, being level two and three respectively. Making it a solid S-tier Pal. 

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