Where to find and catch Lyleen in Palworld

Jacob Hale
Lyleen in Palworld

Palworld may still be a relatively fresh game, but it has instantly captured hearts around the world as millions of players seek new Pals to catch. If you’re still on the hunt for Lyleen, here’s where you can find them.

Developed by Pocketpair, Palworld has often been described as “Pokemon with guns,” and even drawn criticism over some Pals’ likenesses to certain Pokemon, accused of actually stealing the designs.

Regardless of which side of the fence you sit, it’s undeniable that Palworld has truly taken over, with a peak player count of over 1.5 million on Steam — the second-highest in the platform’s history.

So if you’re looking to keep up with the millions of players and catch every single Pal, Lyleen might be one that has escaped you.

Where to find Lyleen in Palworld

Lyleen can be found at Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3, far in the northeast side of the map, where Pals are usually found at a much higher level. You will need a flying Pal to reach the island.

Lyleen location in Palworld
Lyleen can be found at Wildlife Sanctuary No 3 in the northeast side of the map.

Lyleen is fairly common once you reach Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3, and is normally hovering around the Level 40 mark, making it pretty strong.

How to catch Lyleen in Palworld

You’ll want to take both warm weather armor and cold weather armor with you for the journey, and once there, you’ll need high-quality Pal Spheres to catch them, as the likes of the Pal Sphere and Mega Sphere won’t be much use here.

You’ll want to take Pals with an elemental advantage, such as Fire, to help make catching Lyleen easier.

Lyleen is a grass element Pal described as “a docile Pal full of love … It uses a full-power Solar Blast to discipline naughty Pals.”

For that reason, it can make for a solid addition to your game, but catching it might be easier said than done, depending on the rest of your Pals and the Spheres you have.