Palworld player accidentally deletes whole base with just one item

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring Depresso in Palworld.Pocketpair

Mistakes can happen to anyone in Palworld, and one particular player has learned their lesson of having to let go of a certain item when building a base.

Building a base is a major part of Palworld‘s gameplay, encouraging players to let their imagination and creativity run wild. Despite the current building limitations in the game, many players have shown that creating complex and stunning bases is possible.

One example is a player who made a massive base resembling the city from Attack on Titan. Others took their surroundings into account, building a stunning “unraidable” base at a secret spot or an exciting water slide base.

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Now, imagine if all that hard work disappeared in a split second because of an “accident.” Unfortunately, this has happened to one player because of an item they were holding.

In a Reddit thread, one Palworld player has warned others not to carry a Rocket Launcher while building their base. They even shared the clip detailing their reasoning.

The clip started with the player placing a Hot Spring atop their base. As the player attempted to place their second Hot Spring nearby, they accidentally disassembled the floor instead of the Hot Spring.

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In the midst of confusion, the player fell inside the structure of their base and fired the Rocket Launcher at the ground, thinking they were still in Build Mode.

And before the OP could react, their entire base blew up in a matter of seconds, leaving only the materials on the ground. It certainly didn’t take too long for this unfortunate event to garner the attention of other players.

A screenshot featuring a raided base in Palworld.Pocketpair
Just don’t build anything in your makeshift base for the boss to destroy.

“Oh man, I’m sorry for your loss. I did something similar where I thought I had the grapple hook and instead hit my row of storage containers. Thousands of items falling out looked glorious if it wasn’t for the fact that it proceeded to crash my game, and I lost most of it when I logged back in,” one user wrote, sharing a similar experience.

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“Oh, I would be so disheartened. I am so sorry that happened,” another chimed in, sympathizing with the OP.

Another user felt sorry but couldn’t help but laugh at the situation, to which the player replied, “I honestly laughed after, too, lol.”

Aside from that, some players claimed that the OP lacks “trigger discipline” and wondered why they pressed the trigger button in the first place. In one of the replies, they explained that they were playing on Xbox and it was just a slip of the hand, as they thought they were still in the Build Menu.

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