This Palworld player’s insane water slide might be the best base ever

Brianna Reeves
Palworld slide

While building a brand-new base, one Palworld player opted to work on perfecting the design of a huge slide instead.

Palworld’s amassing leagues of players for its Pokemon-esque monster-hunting elements, yet there’s much more to the experience than catching Pals.

The game’s base-building mechanics have also proven essential, allowing for resource management, housing captured Pals, and much more.

It should come as no surprise, then, that players spend a lot of time thinking about where to build their bases and what to prioritize. For instance, an early game base in a resource-rich area should work wonders when collecting vital crafting materials. But for some players, a sense of fun comes first.

This Palworld player’s base features a massive water slide

A Palworld fan recently shared a glimpse at their latest creation in a Reddit post. While the user intended to build a new base, they opted to instead focus their efforts on crafting a giant water slide. The results are nothing short of impressive.

In the short clip, the Palworld player gets off to a running start, before skidding down a slide made of stone. The sliding action itself lasts for a few seconds before the Redditor falls hundreds of feet and lands in a small body of water. Check it out in the post linked below:

Sure, a slide inside of a Palworld base doesn’t offer much in the way of practical uses, but at least this person seems to be having fun.

And, suffice it to say, fellow fans are nothing short of impressed. One Redditor commented, “TIL I need a water slide in my base.”

Another player wrote, “I feel like I’d get a dopamine hit from that.”

“The BEST slide water OMG,” someone else said enthusiastically.

To the dismay of some commenters, the original poster has yet to share their building method.

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