xQc roasts his own viewers after getting his Overwatch DPS rank

Joe O'Brien

Popular streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel roasted his own viewers after achieving a higher DPS rank in Overwatch than many expected.

On August 13, Overwatch introduced the new role queue system, which allows players to queue up for and be locked into a particular role for each game.

For competitive play, this means players now have a separate rank for each role – Tank, DPS, and Support – where previously they only had a single unified rank. This should mean that going forward, players who aren’t as comfortable in all roles can play at an appropriate rank for each, rather than risking being outmatched when switching to a role that they’re less skilled in than their main position.

Players must now do separate placements for each role, although the number of placement games has been reduced from 10 to five, and after role queue went live xQc jumped in to find out where he stands in each role.

Naturally, the former professional main tank secured a high rank of over 4300 for his primary role, but after switching to DPS many viewers were eagerly anticipating a somewhat humbling result. Despite losing all five of his placement games, however, xQc still secured a 4136 SR rank, within the higher tier of Grandmaster.

Robert Paul/Blizzard EntertainmentxQc will once again make a return to organized competition as the main tank for Canada in the 2019 Overwatch World Cup.

After seeing some of his viewers’ reaction to the rank, xQc celebrated in characteristic fashion, while taking aim at those that were hoping to see him placed lower.

“Oh chat is mad! Oh I get it! Because chat wanted me to be Platinum like you. And you could feel good about yourself by being Plat and Gold! That sucks, I got 4.1[K]! Suck it!”

According to Blizzard, a ‘soft reset’ of MMR was made with the addition of role queue so that players with varying skill across roles could have ranks that aren’t artificially boosted by their former unified rank.

It seems, however, that the system might not be working quite as intended, as xQc himself admitted after also being placed in Grandmaster for the Support role. In a tweet aimed at the Overwatch developers, xQc acknowledged that such a rank too high for his ability at Support, stating that it could take him dozens of games to drop down to a more appropriate position, during which his teams would be at a significant disadvantage.

It remains to be seen whether Blizzard will take any measures to ensure that placements in role queue are more accurate, although the system is currently in a beta season for competitive that will last two weeks before Season 18 begins, so the developers do have some time to respond to the feedback.

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