Widowmaker’s new ‘Harley Quinn’ skin has Overwatch 2 players dreaming of a DC crossover

widowmaker skin in OW2Blizzard Entertainment

Widowmaker’s amazing new Harley Quinn-style Overwatch 2 skin ‘Harlequin’ has many players hoping that DC and Blizzard could collaborate next.

Overwatch 2 entered the world of crossovers earlier this year with its epic One Punch Man collab and since then, fans have been eager to see what they plan to cook up next.

While the devs have expressed interest in a Dragon Ball Z crossover with Art Director Dion Rogers even suggesting several potential skin concepts for such an event, it’s DC Comics that has players talking.

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In the OW2 shop, a new Harlequin skin for Widowmaker has popped up and fans of both IPs are hopeful that this could be a sign of sorts.

Widowmaker ‘Harlequin’ skin stuns Overwatch and DC fans

Once the skin was featured in the shop on April 25, Overwatch players began clamoring about other cosmetics that could be DC inspired if not directly crossover.

“Hear me out, Bane as Reinhardt or Doomfist? And Joker is kinda already Junkrat,” one fan remarked on the OW2 Cavalry Twitter account.

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When the skin was first showcased, some fans on Reddit even believed a DC crossover was in the works.

“Batman Reaper. Manbat Winston,” one suggested.

“Superman for Doomfist,” someone else wrote.

Of course, with Overwatch 2 releasing this skin, it seems unlikely that an actual DC collab could be happening. That said, there are other alternative and modern versions of Harley Quinn that the devs could choose from if it ends up coming to fruition.

We’ll have to see what ends up happening and what crossovers the devs have in store in the future as more Overwatch 2 collaborations are eventually revealed.

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