What’s in the Overwatch Arcade Mode today? February 14-15

Bill Cooney

Blizzard has updated Overwatch’s Arcade Mode for February 14-15.

Overwatch usually updates Arcade mode at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET every day, with one mode being updated daily, and three updating each week. Players have the chance to earn three extra loot boxes each week, one for each of their first three wins in Arcade Mode.

Blizzard Entertainment

As always, we’ll keep you updated on the latest modes as they become available.

Here are all the game modes available in Overwatch’s Arcade Mode for February 14-15:

Competitive Capture the Flag



8 Player FFA Chateau Deathmatch



3v3 Elimination



Total Mayhem



Mystery Heroes



Overwatch’s Arcade Mode has three categories – usually one daily, three weekly and one permanent modes.

Players can earn three extra loot boxes each week after they win nine games in Arcade mode, and during Lunar New Year, it’s one of the best ways to collect event loot boxes.

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While most of the modes have been featured in the Arcade at some point or another, some of them, like Capture the Flag, haven’t been around for a few months.

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