Seagull eats his own teammate’s ultimate during Overwatch match

. 3 years ago
Hoby/The Overwatch League

Veteran Overwatch Streamer Brandon ‘Seagull’ Lanred was confused during an Overwatch match when he seemed to eat his allied Torbjörn’s ultimate with his Defense Matrix.

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Seagull played for the Dallas Fuel during Overwatch League’s Inaugural Season, but this year he’ll be watching as a full-time streamer.

Neither Seagull or his fans seem to mind though, because the streamer has gotten plenty of great clips like since moving on from the OWL.

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As his team pushes the payload on Eichenwalde’s second section, Seagull’s teammate on Torbjörn activates Molten Core and aims their molten core at the enemy team.

Just as Torb fires, Seagull activates his Defense Matrix and seems to inadvertently eat his allied dwarf’s ultimate.

“Wait, am I eating my friendly Torb ult?” The confused streamer asked his team.

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The good news is that Seagull didn’t actually eat his teammate’s ultimate, instead what happened was a visual bug that gets rid of the projectile animations for Torbjörn’s Molten Core.

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Besides getting rid of the animations, the glitch doesn’t affect Torb’s ultimate, the ability still covers the floor wherever it’s shot.

Still, if players aren’t expecting the glitch, it’s definitely something that could catch them off guard.

Header image credit to Hoby on YouTube.

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