Overwatch PTR change to Orisa is exactly what the game needs

Lauren Bergin
Orisa Eichenwalde Castle Overwatch Logo PTR Mechanic Mount WoW

Overwatch’s robotic tank Orisa is great for a whole lot of things, but one player has discovered a way to ride the hero like a WoW mount in the Public Test Realm (PTR). 

It’s hardly a secret that most Overwatch players think Orisa, the Numbani based robot, resembles some form of equine animal. It’s the four legs and the sturdy back that do it.

We’ve seen a lot more of her in our recent matches due to the buffs that she received on the February 11 update, but it’s safe to say we haven’t quite seen anything like this before.

Team Manager for Overwatch’s Team Ireland, Andy Bohan, has found a fun new mechanic while messing around on the PTR that turns Orisa into a World of Warcraft style mount, and it’s hilarious.

Orisa posing in demon Overwatch skin
Orisa’s Demon skin would be perfect for this WoW inspired mechanic.

Overwatch mechanic lets you mount Orisa

As shown in Andy’s video, the new introduction of 24 AI bots into the beta server now allows Overwatch players to jump on their noble steed and ride off into the Numbani sunset.

Seen summoning the tank just as you would in World of Warcraft, Orisa appears from thin air just as your WoW mount does and, in turn, allows Widowmaker to jump on her back and go for a spin.

Made by Scumrot from Overwatch Workshop programmers Grandeur Hammers, we’d love to see this become an actual in-game mechanic!

Fans want Orisa mechanic in game

It’s safe to say that this fun concept has led to fans everywhere suggesting new and innovative game modes that could accompany this new idea.

One fan on Reddit suggested an Orisa jousting match which lets DPS hero Genji draw his dragon blade and race towards his enemies in a medieval tournament for the ages.

Another suggested a similar game mode, but instead pitched the idea of using Hanzo in a Mongolian inspired archery battle to the death.

Only time will tell whether or not Blizzard consider adding this insane feature to Overwatch, but it’s likely to end up in the Arcade instead of in our actual games. Still though, our dreams of storming Eichenwalde Castle on Orisa are very much alive.

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