Unique Overwatch ability would make Winston “more fun” to play

Brad Norton
Overwatch hero Winston leaping

Thanks to the near-endless possibilities of the Workshop tool in Overwatch, dedicated players have crafted a brand-new concept that would make Winston an even more versatile Tank.

When it comes to Tank in Overwatch, many are quite grounded compared to the other hero-types on offer. Zarya is mostly glued to the ground, for instance, and Roadhog is one of the slower characters in the game. However, there are a few obvious exceptions to this trend.

D.Va can float around any given map and Reinhardt can charge great distances in quick bursts. Winston is a hero that sits in the middle of the pack. While he can leap towards enemy backlines in an instant, he’s not the most mobile character.

His Jump Pack comes with a limited range along with a six-second cooling off period. Though a clever addition to his kit from ‘WetHarmonica’ could be just what’s needed to make Winston even “more fun” to play.


Rather than leaping and narrowly missing a ledge, this Workshop creation would give Winston the opportunity to mantle. No longer would you faceplant and plummet back down to the ground. Instead, you would automatically grab onto the edge of a surface and pull your way on top.

This would make Winston far more mobile and far more versatile than ever before. As demonstrated throughout the teaser, the hero would even be able to climb various sections of a map without even needing to use the Jump Pack.

Genji and Hanzo are able to wall-climb in Overwatch. This can get them to any form of high ground without a hassle. Upon nearing a ledge, both characters will automatically latch on and fling themselves to the high ground. Thanks to this new creation, we can now see how a similar ability would fit with Winston’s kit.

Regardless of how much momentum he may have while barrelling towards a ledge, the automatic system translates the movement into a swift mantle.

Overwatch hero Genji dashing
Numerous characters can already climb atop ledges in Overwatch. Perhaps Winston will be next.

With Overwatch 2 on the horizon perhaps this ability may even see the light of day soon. With tons of unique hero talents coming to the new story-based content, Winston’s mantle could be a perfect fit.

You can support the creator by joining their Workshop server here. You can also view a wide array of other hero tweaks in development as well.

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