Overwatch 2 “leaks” supposedly reveal new Moira and Brigitte abilities

Blizzard Entertainment

 A new leak on Twitter claims to reveal the brand new ability trees Moira and Brigitte will receive in Overwatch 2, but some things seem a little off about the supposed new talents.

Overwatch 2 was announced at BlizzCon 2019, and fans also got their first look at gameplay, albeit with a limited cast of updated heroes for streamers to show off.

Since then, Blizzard has gone radio silent on all things Overwatch 2, and we haven’t heard so much as a peep. That is, until Overwatch player Voporeon shared what they claimed were leaks of Moira and Brigitte’s abilities.

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Brigitte’s supposed abilities were posted first. One even involves Jetpack Cat, who was just added to Overwatch itself in the form of a new emote for Archives 2020.

The Jetpack Cat ability is unlocked at level 10 and is apparently named ‘Mitzi.’ The description reads “A curious friend in a jetpack arrives in battle to help you and your team.”

Some of the descriptions for the other new abilities are a bit hard to make out, but they do seem to make Brigitte into an even more powerful support.

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One of the most interesting abilities is “Godfather’s Legacy.” Apparently, Brigitte’s regular shield is replaced by Reinhardt’s, which would allow her to block much more incoming fire and basically act as a second main tank for the team.

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Moira’s talents are even more interesting. One of the Level 1 choices allows her to drain health from up to five enemies at once.

The other, called “Healing Smoke” is supposed to create a healing area around Moira while her ultimate is active, but this image could also blow a hole in the supposed legitimacy of these leaks.

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In the image, Moira’s ult “Coalescence” is incorrectly written as “evanescence”, which isn’t an Overwatch ability, but a popular early 2000s rock band.

Yes, the images are marked with “Internal Test” and do look like they were taken off of a monitor, but the fact the hero models aren’t updated, and one of Moira’s abilities is misspelled, doesn’t lend a ton of legitimacy to these supposed “leaks.”

Even if they aren’t legit, some of the ‘leaked’ abilities look like a ton of fun to try out.

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Voporeon also hasn’t clarified where they obtained the images from at the time of writing either, but Dexerto will update the story when and if they do.

Even if the leaks aren’t entirely legit, it is a lot of fun to imagine how they could work in-game. Whether we’ll actually see these skills for Brigitte and Moira, or something different when Overwatch 2 comes out, remains to be seen.