You can now play Golf in Overwatch with new Torbjorn workshop mode

Overwatch fans have been hard at work bringing their ideas to life with the Workshop, yet, one player has struck a hole-in-one with their creation of Torbjorn Golf.

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Blizzard launched the Overwatch Workshop to the PTR [Public Test Realm] back on April 24. While the creative mode is not yet available to all players, those who have gotten their hands on the new tools have come up with a ton of new ways to play the game.

Some fans have messed with the idea of creating new heroes, others have ‘addressed’ long-standing ‘bugs‘, and some have even developed brand new game modes to share with friends. Those new modes have been taken to the next level – allowing players to turn Torbjorn into Tiger Woods.

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BlizzardTorbjorn is the newest Overwatch character to get their own Workshop mode.

In a post to the Overwatch subreddit, user OfficialRaider showed off their newest Workshop idea – Torbjorn Golf – which has taken around a week to create and lets up to 12 players take in a round of 18 holes on Blizzard World.

The mode operates similar to games like Golf With Friends. Instead of hitting a ball at the hole, players operate as the ball itself – launching Torbjorn at the flagstick without the need for a putter.

However, there are elements of the classic EA Sports Golf games, as toggling your Torbjorn to crouch will give you a preview of the hole, similar to how professional golf players ‘read’ shots in actual play.

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What is the Torbjorn Golf map code?

As of now, the only course available to play is OfficialRaider’s Blizzard World but, if it proves popular, it can’t be too long before someone expands on the mode and throws up something else.  

While it would probably prove a little too hard to recreate iconic real-life courses like Augusta National or St Andrews, sending Torbjorn around Eichenwalde or Temple of Anubis doesn’t seem too far fetched.

As ever, if you want to play the workshop creation in its current form, the code you need to punch in is: QT7TQ.