Top 500 Overwatch 2 streamer Flats coaches devs & turns one of them into a Doomfist god

Jeremy Gan

Flats, a Top 500 Overwatch 2 streamer, coached the game’s developers on how to play certain heroes in their own game, and inadvertently created a Doomfist god in the process. 

Overwatch’s devs have been on a bit of a media tour recently, appearing on a plethora of streamer’s channels answering questions all about the game. But in a recent stream, they decided to pit one team of Blizzard employees against another, both to be coached by two Top 500 streamers. 

The idea was to have the PC Overwatch devs will fight against the Xbox Overwatch team to prove who was the best in a 4v4 team deathmatch. The PC team was coached by Flats, and the Xbox team by Emongg. 

Many in Twitch chat, of course, pointed out the absurdity of a streamer teaching Overwatch devs how to play the game they created. Despite it all, Flats coached the devs on the mechanics, ability combos, pathing, and space control any good player should be proficient at. It proved to be a resounding success.

Flat’s team dominated Emongg’s team. But surprisingly, the Doomfist, who is Adam Schmidt the Senior Software Engineer for Blizzard, became so good at the hero he was essentially single-handedly carrying the team to victory. 

After a few tips on skill combos with the hero, Schmidt seemed to have picked it up and started dominating, “We’ve created a monster” said Flats jokingly. And even when switching to the Genji he was still dominating. 

Many in Flats’ video commented just how good he was on the Doomfist, even impressing Flats himself who is not the greatest enjoyer of Doom. 

Some even jokingly commented that Doom is going to be nerfed after a stomp like that. 

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