TimTheTatman explains why Blizzard shouldn’t have made Overwatch 2

Ryan Lemay
TimTheTatman playing Overwatch 2.

TimTheTatman doesn’t think Overwatch 2 is dead, but believes the series would have been better off without a sequel.

Before experiencing a massive spike in viewership numbers during the peak of Fortnite and Warzone, TimTheTatman started his streaming career on CS:GO and Overwatch. Tim clocked 1,000s of hours into the early days of Overwatch and still considers it one of his favorite video games.

In the wake of Blizzard devastating community members by scrapping the ambitious PvE mode planned for Overwatch 2, TimTheTatman reacted to the heavily criticized news.

TimTheTatman questions the need for Overwatch 2

Overwatch fans have been waiting for a highly anticipated PvE mode since it was first announced at BlizzCon 2019. After years of waiting and doubts beginning to creep in about whether or not it would ever happen, Blizzard ultimately scrapped hero missions and talent trees.

The decision received a wave of backlash, and TimTheTatman explained how everything could have been avoided.

TimTheTatman prefaced his criticism by expressing his love for Overwatch and explained how the game is a massive part of his career.

“When Overwatch 2 got announced, they stopped updating Overwatch. That is what, in my opinion, ruined it.”

TimTheTatman elaborated that Blizzard should have just continued to update Overwatch with new roadmaps and heroes and then eventually just add PvE to the original game.

He argued that people wouldn’t have been mad that the devs scrapped PvE if it was just marketed as an addition to the original Overwatch.

But instead, the game went on an 18-month drought without introducing a new hero, and Tim argued that this period contributed to the game falling off in popularity.

“All they had to do was continually update the first game, that’s it. I hope somehow Overwatch makes a return arc, but I don’t know how that’s going to happen.”

As for the future of Overwatch 2, Tim doesn’t think the game will die, but admitted that it is “struggling.”

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