Mirrorwatch shows Overwatch 2 lore has infinite potential but Blizzard needs to capitalize

Jeremy Gan
Mirrorwatch in Overwatch 2

Mirrorwatch’s reimagined version of Overwatch 2’s lore has shown that the game’s story has infinite potential and Blizzard needs to capitalize on their IP’s unique story after the death of PvE. 

The death of Overwatch 2’s PvE may have been a dour moment for the game’s community, but with one thing dying, something else ought to take its place. We argued that in its death, it’s time for Team 4 to refocus on what truly made Overwatch special, its competitive mode. 

But perhaps a less talked about part of PvE’s cancellation is what will happen to Overwatch’s lore. For such a long time, the game’s story was propelled along through PvE events. The story of how Blackwatch was exposed to the world was through Overwatch Retribution in Overwatch Archives. 

The moment when Talon’s partnership with Null Sector was exposed and Ramattra’s first appearance came into focus? It was in Storm Rising. Though now with PvE at its deathbed, it feels like these revelations, this in-game sensation, may never be coming back. 

Once PvE was canceled, to many lore lovers like myself, it may have felt like Overwatch 2’s storyline was going to be abruptly stopped after 2023’s incredible amount of content which both progressed and added more depth to the game’s deep world. 

Season 10, however, could be a new starting point for Overwatch. Mirrorwatch has been announced as the season’s event, and with it a completely reimagined universe in Overwatch where the baddies are good, and the goodies are bad. 

But it seems it wasn’t just Talon and Overwatch switching with each other. In an interaction just uncovered, it turns out the Captain Lacroix skin has a special voice line that seemingly references Ramattra being dead in Mirrorwatch, with Tracer killing him. Meaning, Ramattra swapped places with Mondatta with Zenyatta instead of being Null Sector’s leader. Although seemingly dull to most, it has the full attention of fans, with 100+ comments all discussing what the story in Mirrorwatch truly means. 

It’s hard to clarify how odd this is. For all intents and purposes, Mirrorwatch is not canon. Everything in this event is not real and has no bearing on the game’s story. Yet fans have largely welcomed the limited-time event and its perplexities with open arms, many fans passionately discussing the what-ifs and drawing fan art of Vengeance Mercy, Captain Lacroix, and many of Mirrorwatch’s alternate heroes. 

However, despite the staggering amount of interest in that comment section, and overall in the community in light of this captivating event, there’s a lingering sentiment that Blizzard is not doing enough to capitalize on their lore that has players gripped. 

Perhaps this sentiment is summarized best by ex-pro player and the frontman for Overwatch for a very long time, supertf, when he finished Overwatch: Invasion and watched the final cutscene. 

Upon watching the cutscene where Talon has Zenyatta surrounded, his instant reaction the moment it ended on the cliffhanger was to shout “I’ve never seen an IP fumbled so hard in my life,” as he walked around his room in both frustration and excitement. 

As he succinctly explains the frustrations of so many Overwatch fans and Blizzard’s treatment of its lore, “The problem is they f***ing had this goldmine of an IP and after four years of suffering they come underneath you and they tickle your balls for a little bit and then they leave.” Beneath the innuendos and cursing, super is right.

Blizzard for so long has only given Overwatch fans crumbs of what is a 12-course meal of a story that the community has for years wanted and deserved. Mirrorwatch is showing that even in an alternate universe, fans will still be excited because Team 4 has created an unbelievably gripping story that has players hooked. So Blizzard, perhaps it’s time to give everyone a full meal and not let this IP’s potential go to waste.