Overwatch dev teases new heroes finally coming in 2022, sequel or not

Overwatch dev teases new heroes finally coming in 2022, sequel or notBlizzard

Overwatch developers have hinted there might be a “few more” heroes coming in 2022 — ending an 18-month drought. It could happen before Overwatch 2 releases, although they have remained tight-lipped on the date.

The Overwatch developers have been busy reworking some of the existing heroes in the lead-up to Overwatch 2. Bastion and Sombra are being completely overhauled with new abilities that change their playstyles.

Aaron Keller, the Overwatch Game Director, told fans more reworks would be happening, too. However, to add to the excitement, he also hinted that a “few more” new heroes could be on the cards.

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They might even come before the sequel drops.

Bastion Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment
Bastion is one of the heroes that has been reworked in Overwatch 2.

“We’ve shown some of those reworks, and we’re going to keep doing those,” he said.

“It’s really important that all of those heroes work in the new 5v5 world Overwatch 2 is going to take place in.

“The plan is that we’re going to have all 32 heroes playable for the next season of Overwatch League, and who knows, there might even be a few more.”

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Unfortunately, he couldn’t say anything about Overwatch 2’s release date, which is still up in the air. However, he admitted the game is “moving forward,” and the OWL will take place in an “early build” of it next season.

“This is something that’s really exciting for us,” he said.

“To actually see this sequel that we’re playing, an early build of it, being played by the top players in the world.”

Blizzard Entertainment
Echo was the last Overwatch hero added to the game.

Overwatch hasn’t had a new hero since Echo joined the roster in April 2020, which has left fans feeling frustrated.

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Of course, players are hoping that means Sojourn — the long-teased DPS hero — will finally be dropped.

Keller’s comments have given them hope that some could be on the horizon, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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