Tilting Overwatch team trick is perfect for baiting enemy Reinhardts

Michael Gwilliam
Amazing Overwatch trick lets Reinhardt jump while charging to reach higher ground

Being able to secure kills on main tanks and open up new lanes of attack can be critical to winning in Overwatch. As one team showed, sometimes making yourself look vulnerable, only to turn the tables on your foes, can have a major impact on a match.

Overwatch is chock full of neat tricks that the game doesn’t really teach you. Sometimes, the best tool in your arsenal is improvisation and a little intuition. Making the most of your own strategies while utilizing each hero’s special abilities can pay dividends.

In ranked, many players are often times just playing for themselves and not as a team, which can make for some glorious opportunities to bait foes into precarious positions.

For enemies playing Reinhardt, dangling a 3K carrot in front of them can be all that’s needed to find a big opening.

Reinhardt blocked shatter
Blizzard Entertainment
Dealing with tanks can be critical to a team’s success.

Twitch streamer baited to his doom

During a match on Lijang Tower, Overwatch streamer Fayn was pressing his advantage with his team in control of the objective. As the enemy team backed up to their spawn, he noticed the enemy Reinhardt has his back to him.

Not only was the Reinhardt turning away, so too was a Zarya and Ana. With the three foes so close to the edge, it seemed like a glorious opportunity to charge and take them all off the map for a huge play.

However, the whole situation was just a trap. As Fayn charged in, the Ana player slept him and a Junkrat used his concussive mine to send him off the map alone.

“What the actual f**k was that? What just happened?!” the streamer gasped. “That would have been an easy double kill.”

Luckily for the tank, his team was able to overcome the man disadvantage, but it doesn’t change the fact that the trap was pretty successful.

Next time you’re in a game with some teammates, try to coordinate a similar play. However, if you find yourself in Fayn’s shoes, be sure to ask your Zarya for a friendly bubble before you charge in so you can end up having the last laugh.