Overwatch pro claims Overwatch 2 news coming soon after secret dev meeting

. 6 months ago
Lucio, Mei, Tracer, and Reinhardt fighting in Overwatch 2

Overwatch League pro Sam ‘s9mm’ Santos has teased there’s “not too much more waiting” for Overwatch 2 news. It comes after a secret developer meeting with pros and content creators earlier in December has instilled hope in the game’s community.

The wait for more Overwatch 2 news could soon be over.

After a secret developer meeting earlier in December between Blizzard and top content creators and pros gave players “faith” in the game’s future after numerous delays, the general public might not have to wait much longer to hear that good news.

According to San Francisco Shock OWL pro s9mm, details on the long-awaited sequel are coming soon.

“The news that I’ve heard about Overwatch 2? Sh*t is hype as hell. Not too much more waiting,” he said during a Twitch stream.

While he didn’t dive into specifics of what Blizzard said during the presentation, it’s keeping the hype alive for Overwatch 2.

Despite the claims of “not too much more waiting” though, players are skeptical they’ll hear anything major about Overwatch 2 in the coming weeks, or even months.

According to a Blizzard investor call in November, the sequel’s release date has been pushed back to by around a year, potentially back to 2023. This lines up with earlier leaks from internal sources at the company.

Overwatch 2 characters
Activision Blizzard
Regardless of all the setbacks, hype for Overwatch 2 is coming back to an all-time high.

However, even with delays, pros set to play on an early build of the sequel for the OWL 2022 season. Gameplay has already shown off during the 2021 finals to mixed reactions.

There is a shred of hope Overwatch players are holding onto that the sequel could be finally what saves the game, making the current content drought worth it.

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