Overwatch community rallies around fan who wants to see D.Va & Mercy’s feet

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Without much new content or Overwatch 2 news to work with, the Overwatch community is digging deep. And, this holiday season, that means supporting a fan’s passion for feet – particularly those of D.Va, Mercy, and Widowmaker.

It’s no secret that Overwatch and feet have an intricate history. Barefoot Sigma made quite the impact when he was introduced, as did the surprising buffs to D.Va and Pharah’s uncovered toes.

So, without much Overwatch 2 or new hero content to talk about, the game’s community is revisiting the subject. And, specifically, they’re rallying around a formerly shunned fan, ‘Tyrone,’ whose longtime interest in feet went unappreciated.

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Back when the Overwatch forums allowed downvotes, Tyrone had a string of heavily disliked 2017 posts about wanting to see more feet. It took around four years, but the community is finally giving him a redemption arc.

Overwatch community supports fan’s interest in feet

As shared to Twitter by ‘PHARAOH,’ Tyrone’s messages had clear intentions: To see more feet in Overwatch. He wanted an emote that would let heroes take their shoes off permanently, a Pajamas event, and tweaks to existing skins. 

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And his magnum opus of requests might have been a Mercy highlight intro, where “two peasants come in and kiss her feet because she is a goddess.”

But, while Tyrone’s ideas were downvoted in 2017, PHARAOH sings a different tune: “Why are you guys downvoting him?” And they’re not alone, as another user replied “he’s onto something” and someone else said “I’m with Tyrone on this one.”

Spreading the ‘barefoot Overwatch mantra’

Maybe the passage of time has meant a maturing of the Overwatch community. Maybe an absence of sequel news has broadened their horizons. Whatever the case, Tyrone’s message is enjoying a renaissance.

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With PHAROAH posting another of Tyrone’s queries, surrounding the inability to see one’s own feet when looking down in-game, support is growing. Someone replied by calling Tyrone the “goat,” to which PHAROAH responded: “We must spread his mantra.”

Tyrone was not happy about the amount of shoes involved in D.Va’s outfits.

It remains unclear what the status of Overwatch 2 is. It remains unclear what the status of Overwatch updates is – including patches to take D.Va and Mercy’s shoes out of the game. 

In the meantime, we are all left to ponder a simple question raised by a once-vilified fan: “Sometimes you just want to take off your shoes and relax, am I right?”

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