TikToker trolls Overwatch n00bs with bizarre OW2 “tips”

fake ow2 tip tiktokBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 is finally out and its free-to-play model has introduced a lot of newcomers to Blizzard’s hero shooter. With such an influx of new players, one TikToker has decided to troll them with some hilarious fake tips.

‘Intricate’ can best sum up Overwatch’s gameplay. With so many heroes and interactions in the game, it can be quite overwhelming to learn how everything functions.

While plenty of content creators have used all these rookie players to their advantage, creating tutorial videos and offering up plenty of advice on how to improve at the game, one has decided to do the opposite.

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Enter ‘ow2haley,’ a creator who has been posting “tips” that sound legitimate, but are actually just false – and for veterans, the TikToks are quite amusing.

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Overwatch 2 TikToker stuns viewers with hilarious fake tips

Think back to when you first started playing Overwatch, and if you’d believe any of these “tips” before rushing to judgment.

Haley’s first video includes tips such as using Lucio’s speed boost to make the robot in Push modes go fast, using Zen or Sigma to float over Torbjorn’s Molten Core ultimate.

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Of course, neither of these actually work, but they do raise an interesting point: Why don’t they?

After the first video’s success, Haley made another video where she once again made a series of false tips including using Ana’s Nano Boost on another support to increase their healing.

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Again, it’s one of those weird Overwatch things that might make some players ponder: “Why isn’t that in the game?”

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Experienced OW fans have joined in on the fun, joking that by following the advice they were able to go from Bronze to Masters.

If you’re looking for real Overwatch tips and news, however, you’re already in the right place, so keep it locked to Dexerto for all the latest in OW2.