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This simple change could greatly improve survivability of tanks in Overwatch

Published: 11/Jan/2019 0:41 Updated: 11/Jan/2019 1:38

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch players believe a simple change to visual and audio cues could go a long ways to improve the survivability of Tanks in the game.

When a player in Overwatch reaches low health, their screen’s borders become red and the character gasps to indicate low health.


The current trigger for all heroes to incite the red screen is simply falling below 75 health points, regardless if the player selected Tracer, who has a max base of 150 health, or Reinhardt, who has a max base health of 500 points.

Blizzard Entertainment

In a Reddit post, user dgettanajr argued that the low health indication should be raised for tank heroes who tout significantly higher health.


Dgettanajr argues that Tanks, who typically have higher health than other heroes in the game, should not have the same indicator threshold of 75 hp as other lowerer health characters.

The change would allow tanks to either ask for healing or find a health pack before hitting 75 health, which for a tank is basically the point of no return during a team fight.

Tanks getting the low health indication at 75HP doesn’t make any sense from r/Overwatch

Users in the comments seemed to agree that the trigger shouldn’t be the same for every hero and so far the post have more than 4,000 upvotes on Reddit.


A change like this would be fairly easy to implement, but it would be a major quality of life upgrade for tank players.

Blizzard rolled out a new PTR update shortly after New Years, which nerfed the damage reduction from armor significantly, so changing the trigger to indicate low health could really help tank players out.


Overwatch fans want to honor player who died saving woman from attacker

Published: 7/Oct/2020 23:55

by Michael Gwilliam


The Overwatch community is rallying behind a 26-year-old player who passed away earlier in October after defending a woman from a man who allegedly broke into her home with a knife.

Tiago de Souza, who reportedly played thousands of hours and mained Hanzo, Pharah, Sigma, McCree and Doomfist, reportedly gave his life to save a friend and her daughters.


According to Brazilian media, Tiago was at the woman’s house when her ex-partner broke in with a knife in-hand, trying to attack her.

Investigators say the suspect beat the woman with punches. When Tiago tried to interfere, he was allegedly stabbed and died on the spot.

Overwatch player Tiago
Tiago died protecting a woman.

The suspect later went to the police station in Prudentópolis on his own accord and was detained.

A petition on the website Avaaz describes Tiago as “very fond of science and questioning the mysteries of the universe.”

“He liked several games, but undoubtedly his passion was Overwatch,” the petition continued, noting how he had unlocked four golden guns for different heroes through competitive play.

Hanzk on Hanamura
Blizzard Entertainment
Tiago enjoyed playing as Hanzo.

“Tiago was an incredible, selfless and generous person, who gave his life to save someone else’s,” the petition said. “We, friends and family, do not want your courageous attitude to be forgotten, and nothing better to honor you than with a tribute in your favorite game.”

So far, over 2,000 people have signed the petition asking Blizzard to honor the player, though they didn’t specify on how they would like the company to pay tribute to Tiago.

Potentially, if Blizzard were going to honor the player, they could do so on the Brazilian Lucio Ball map for the Summer Games event, or even something from Overwatch 2, whenever that game is released.

Lucioball in Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard might honor the player on a Brazilian Lucio Ball map.

Blizzard does have a decent track record of honoring its players. Notably, Blizzard immortalized the streamer Reckful by adding a Rogue Trainer NPC with his gamer tag in World of Warcraft.

Hopefully, Blizzard can continue this trend an honor the Brazilian player.