This fan-made Overwatch art reimagines Wrecking Ball as a Zerg

. 4 years ago
Blizzard Entertainment

Some of the latest Overwatch fan art takes Wrecking Ball and reimagines him as a zerg from the universe of StarCraft, another popular Blizzard game.

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The concept was created by Overwatch fan and artist Alex Ciobotaru, and he’s really able to capture the zerg style and apply it to Hammond and his mech.

The carapace armor on the mech looks awesome, and Hammond looks like he’s ready to be the Queen of Blades little hamster-like minion and spread the Zerg through the galaxy.

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Alex Ciobotaru

Even the guns on Wrecking Ball’s mech get  the zerg look, with bile pouches and Zerg blades all around.

Ciobotaru also created an animated gif showing how the cannons would fire and it is awesomely disgusting like any good Zerg feature should be.

There’s a video that shows the artists progression in making the piece as well, and it provides a really interesting look behind the scenes at all the hard work it takes to make an awesome piece like this.

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Alex Ciobotaru

Wrecking Ball has already gotten a Halloween skin for this year, but Overwatch has implemented some StarCraft skins for Widowmaker in the past, so a Zerg Hammond wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

Ciobotaru has made Overwatch art before but this is his first skin concept, and based on how awesome it is, hopefully not the last.

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