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Strange Overwatch glitch sends Mei’s Ice Wall flying off the map

Published: 8/Aug/2020 1:25 Updated: 8/Aug/2020 13:17

by Bill Cooney


Mei players have noticed a bizarre new glitch popping up in Overwatch that literally sends the hero flying off the map after she activates her Ice Wall.

Usually when Mei uses her wall, it’s attached to the ground and doesn’t move until it’s destroyed or runs out on its own, making it one of the more annoying abilities in Overwatch for other players to deal with.

This new glitch, however, solves that pesky Mei Wall problem for good, as it conveniently “yeets” both Mei and her wall right off the map when she activates it.

Cool Mei wall interaction from Overwatch

In the hilarious clip above, Mei activates her wall and Ice Block abilities at the same time, and the two seem to merge together. All it takes is one swing with Reinhart’s hammer and she goes pinballing off of the side of Lijiang Tower, along with her ice.


Exactly why the Ice Wall and Mei decided to behave this way is unknown, but it could have something to do with Reinhardt smacking Mei as she activates both abilities in quick succession.

Usually, Ice Wall is rooted to the ground, but if the player activated both abilities close enough together, it could have attached to the Ice Block, which can be slightly moved before it hits the ground. After that, something made Overwatch absolutely lose its mind and send Mei back to her home planet.

Blizzard Entertainment
What would happen if Mei could skate in Overwatch? Well, now we know.

There is a chance that this glitch could have been stopped by canceling Ice Block, but we have to commend the player who caught the clip for not doing so and seeing this glitch out until the very end.


It’s good to note that this clip happened in a custom game using regular rules, which shouldn’t outright be the cause of this, but is a good detail to keep in mind. At any rate, Mei players might want to keep an eye on their walls, just to make sure they don’t get thrown off the map as well due to this weird bug.