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Spooky Symmetra Overwatch skin concept is the perfect Halloween hero overhaul

Published: 17/Feb/2021 13:39

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event has become a favorite among Overwatch fans. With Halloween skins being some of the game’s most popular, one fan has created a magical Symmetra concept that lets her channel her inner witch. 

If there’s one holiday that Overwatch fans are excited for every day of the year it’s Halloween Terror. The spooky season sees some of the game’s coolest skins released, as well as the iconic Junkenstein’s Revenge maps return for a limited time.

While the Lunar Event is well underway, fans are constantly flexing their terrifying skins no matter what the season. If it isn’t Banshee Moira, who is listed as one of the top 10 skins being played right now, then it’s Pumpkin Reaper that’s probably just one shot you.


Symmetra, however, has two Halloween skins and features as the Summoner in Junkenstein’s chaotic, zombies style mode. One fan has created an alternative skin for the Indian rift bender though, and it a perfect addition to her already rather spooky wardrobe.

Symmetra controls the light.
Blizzard Entertainment
Symmetra already has a vampire skin, but this Halloween skin turns her into something very different.

Bewitching Reaper Symmetra skin concept

The brainchild of Reddit user KaelenElmslie, Bewitching Reaper Symmetra is a concept that strikes both fear and amazement into the hearts of Overwatch players everywhere.

Donning a beautifully crafted black, velvet looking garment which mirrors her cultural style, her shoes are the main focal point of this skin. With the heels replaced by glowing red spheres, she looks as though she’s levitating on her tiptoes.


Mystical red energy also swirls around her instead of her usual blue, making her a terrifying sight. To add to this, the concept is completed with unshackled chains that look as though they’ve been torn from the walls of a prison, implying that this iteration of Symmetra was too dangerous to be unleashed.

Not only has Kaelen created the skin itself, but there’s an array of voice lines and emote concepts as well. With the emote focusing on the devilish hero’s red orbs, we can imagine her flexing them in game.

Symmetra Halloween Terror Skin Concept from r/Overwatch

Bewitching Reaper Symmetra icons

Not only has the artist created this awesome skin, but they’ve designed two unique icons that would accompany the Indian reaper if she was introduced to the game itself.


The first is in a similar style to the usual Overwatch icons, and depicts the outline of her profile wearing this Halloween inspired outfit. The second is a close up on those iconic shoes, which would be the perfect marker that you’ve managed to tame the reaper.

We’d love to see another Symmetra skin in game, especially as the hero starts to gain more prominence in our games. Hopefully we’ll get to meet the Bewitching Reaper in-game soon, but hopefully only virtually. We wouldn’t want to run into her on ol’ Hallows Eve!